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Webbing Slings - SLG

Here at SLG we stock webbing slings in a variety of sizes from 1t - 10t SWL (Safe Working Load) and lengths of 1m - 8m EWL (Effective Working Length). Stock sized webbing slings incease in lengths of 1 metre increments but can be manufactured to any specific length chosen on request. Webbing slings can be manufactured at much larger sizes up to 100 tonne's and up to lengths of 100 metres upon request

SLG Webbing Slings are commonly used when lifting loads or items that could be fragile surfaces which could otherwise damage the load if lifted with products of a metal structure such as chain slings or wire rope slings

All SLG webbing slings are supplied with an EC declaration of conformity.
All webbing slings supplied in accordance with BS EN 1492 are colour coded to reflect the WLL (Working Load Limit)

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